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1910 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Wa, 99202

Or call Julie for info @ (509) 279-9533

Serving Spokane for over 20 years

As of 2023 we have been helping homeless men in Spokane for 20 years, working with other community partners to get them off the streets.

A group of people in a room with a tv.

We LOVE what we do!

I Promise, it's never what anybody expects.

You have gifts and talents we don't, it takes different things for each individual, cut hair, cook serve dinner, help clean, help with construction projects, give an open ear to someone who doesn't have one, help with fundraising.

There's so much we all can do, help with low income housing, getting people to appointments, Pray I'm sure you'll have an idea we haven't thought of, we started just serving sandwiches downtown and it's grown to this.

You are welcome to bring your kids!

Above all, have fun.

We believe these guys are our family, we believe that's why Truth"s successful, every group that comes in adds a new flavor, a new color, a different perspective.


Three women in a kitchen preparing food.

What now?

Give us a call, send an email, get involved.

By yourself, with a group or family, it all works.

Check out the dinner calendar, above all PRAY!

However, you don't have to believe what we do to serve, if you have a heart to help, give us a ring!

Julie 509-279-9533


[email protected]