About Us

A group of people sitting at tables in a room.

Our Approach


Truth Ministries serves some of the most troubled in Spokane’s homeless society, often rejected by other agencies, spanning from young adult to elderly.  Clients of Truth Ministries are frequently drug addicted, alcoholic and mentally ill individuals, without the critical work related and social skills to function independently in society.  Truth Ministries works with other agencies to try and direct these men to services that will attempt to rehabilitate them. We also work with the homeless to attempt to get them into low income housing on a more permanent basis and coordinates these efforts with other agencies to do so.  As of 2007 Truth has had over 14 years experience in working directly with the Department of Corrections, Police, Hospitals and other homeless agencies to provide nightly shelter and meals as well as drug/alcohol programs and housing.  We work in conjunction with and cross-refers homeless men with Union Gospel Mission, House of Charity and Salvation Army.  In this coordinated effort, Truth Ministries is hopeful that all of the needs of the homeless men in Spokane are met on any given night.

Our Story


Our Mission:

Truth Ministries is a Christ-Centered facility that touches and restores the lives of  our cities homeless population.  Our goal is to work with other community members with the common goal of providing service while offering hope and respect.


Our Vision:

To build relationships by spending the time necessary through serving, showing unconditional love, listening & praying.  Creating a family environment teaching responsibility and accountability and to enrich, encourage and empower the lives of those we meet.  Equipping them to become all God created them to be