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1229890_509708322444638_444044948_n“Home for the Homeless”

Truth Ministries Spokane Homeless Shelter provides over 14,000 overnight shelter beds and meals annually, along with support and referral services to Spokane City’s most needy and destitute homeless population.

The faith-based walk-in facility serves over 5,000 high risk homeless persons annually, some of the most troubled in Spokane City’s homeless society, those often rejected by other agencies, spanning from young adult to elderly. Our clients are frequently chemically addicted, alcoholic and mentally ill individuals, without the critical work-related and social skills to function independently in society.

Our goal is to provide direct services, emergency shelter, and support to touch and restore the lives of our city’s homeless population and reduce chronic poverty/homelessness as a coordinated community response in cooperation with Spokane City’s Human Services.
Truth Ministries Spokane is a fiscally sound non-profit 501.c.3 faith based Christian Outreach Ministry formed originally by licensed Outreach Minister and Director, Marty McKinney and Program Manager, Julie McKinney. Mr. and Mrs. McKinney are on the Truth Ministries Board of Directors and have extensive experience in ministry and homeless populations dating back to 1998.

Truth Ministries Spokane Homeless Shelter was a faith based response by the Truth Ministries Board to a Spokane homeless crises in late 2003. At that time, a local drop-in shelter had been closed due to code concerns and the Spokane City Council considered a “Camping Ordinance” to alleviate the homeless situation. Agencies worked together to close the gaps in service and Truth Ministries responded by opening their church basement as a temporary homeless shelter.

Since then, operating solely from donations, Truth Ministries Spokane has supplied much needed shelter to the homeless in compliance with codes and regulations.

Throughout this tenure, Truth Ministries solidified not only our relationship with those we helped, but gained strong credibility with agencies/services who work with the homeless. We have strong support from Spokane Police Department and Sheriff’s Community Oriented Policing Effort, Department of Corrections, Spokane County Detox Services, Spokane City Human Services, non-profits and faith-based organizations, Spokane’s Neighborhood Councils, faithbased, non-profit and community leaders, including Hope House, House of Charity, Union Gospel Mission, area hospitals, Spokane Mental Health and the Homeless Outreach Team.

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